Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Trittiford mill pond and old mill pond January update

January 19 th. 
 Hasn't been much to report on until the past couple of weeks really, the male swan has been returned and now there side by side all the while, the five cygnets all still present but seem to always be down the other end of the pool. Common Pochard's still there although when I went the other day could only see two but the pond had frozen.
At the old mill pond there was one little egret then the next day 2 little egrets not bad for a small urban pond, people have reported seeing the one always late afternoon at Trittiford so could be going to roost there and when i walked passed the old mill pond about three clock the other afternoon the one flew off towards Trittiford.
There has been an increase in larger gulls mainly Lesser black backed but have had Herring gull over the past month.
 Past couple of times I have been iv'e seen the buzzard in the sky chasing pigeons, also saw the sparrowhawk last week.
We have long tailed tits everywhere Trittiford, Dingles and the walkway at the back of Trittiford so many birds there hopefully eventually something rare will turn up.
Kingfishers spotted regular now by me and others I saw two the other day possibly three but could of been one of the two flew further down. Always a pleasure to see a kingfisher :)

This gull look's like his taken up smoking not sure if it was a cigar but look's like it wish people wouldn't dump stuff in the water :(

January the 27th 
one little egret present today in the Tree at the old mill pond, all Tufted ducks back after disspearing when the lake was iced up also the Great Crested Grebes are back, 
Buzzards always seen flying over but today there was one perched in the tree Slade Road by the ford past Trittiford down walkway :) 


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Checking out Local Reserve's

We spent Sunday Morning at Draycote where I got much better views of the White fronted geese, they are lovely geese, also saw pink footed geese at Draycote and the Smew was still present. :)
We then went onto Marsh Lane which we have now joined my first time there look's a lovely reserve can't wait for the spring and summer there, had much closer views of the snipe from the hide there, they really are so striking, got a few photos too of them, also there was a couple of Cormorants in breeding plumage I think they look like old men with the white fur on the face there so cute I find them fascinating.

On the Monday morning we went to Ladywalk Reserve which we are also now a member of was nice to have a proper look around we spent some time in the hides, saw Water Rail again, great spotted woodpecker, Reed bunting and I finally got a couple of better photos of  Long tailed tit, also saw a Peregrine Falcon in flight, then went onto the next hide I took some photos of the Lovely 
Cormorant   :)   There was a Siberian Chiffchaff at LadyWalk near where we saw the first one, by the stream, we went to Edison Road after but no sign there of the Siberian Chiffchaff.. 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Norfolk Adventures

Another Great trip to Norfolk before we even got to Norfolk we saw a Barn owl well Dave saw it I just got a glimpse of something flying off really need to go specsaver's lol
 We started at Hunstanton where my boyfriend was going to surprise me with seeing the Waxwings but they never turned up, but we still had an amazing day and so nice of my lovely boyfriend to think of surprising me like that :)
We went to sea front at Hunstanton and saw the Fulmar's flying great views of a stunning bird,
struggled with getting a photo still need to get to grips with taking birds in flight. Also great views of the Turnstone and Oystercatchers right by the road I couldn't believe it lol

We then went onto Thornham Harbour where we saw twite such lovely little birds, also had very distant views of Red Breasted Merganser also saw Brent geese.
    We then went to Titchwell, had only been there ten minutes when Dave found a Water pipit lovely views through telescope, very exciting to see my first ever water pipit, also had better views of snipe was nice seeing them on the ground and not just in flight like before.
Also I finally got to see Avocet had been dying to see them in the wild, they were sleeping but one
lifted his head long enough to see the amazing beak :)
We saw Ringed plover my first time, better views of Bar tailed and Black tailed Godwit :)
   Then we went to Cley Marsh for Bearded Tit Dave could hear them, but we couldn't see them but then as we were walking back down one flew up and flew away so not very clear views but still nice to say I have seen one. We then went onto Salthouse Beach nice views of Wigeon in a field near where we parked up, then on the pebble beach were Turnstone's all feeding in the pebbles, and a Redshank and Common Gull was amazing to see all these so close up.
It was getting later now so we decided to head back and stop of for the Barn owls Hotspot, as we were leaving we saw a Redkite in flight, also further along  we had to pull in because we saw a very white buzzard sitting in the tree, but was just a common Buzzard beautiful looking Buzzard. :) Also nice views of Pink footed geese.
We stopped of at a place where Rough legged Buzzard had been spotted recently but never saw one had lovely views of Barn owl though, and a white pheasant lol
We headed for the Barn owl hotspot pulled over sat in car, was only a few minutes before Dave located two Barn owls perched, was amazing to see them through bins but then the one flew over the field nearer so better views.
I was over the moon with all the birds and the barn owls amazing how could things get any better but they did on the way back we pulled in because Dave spotted,Red legged Partridge made it ten lifers for me at Norfolk.we got out of car to have a closer inspection when we saw a Barn owl close down hunting for food, just out of this world to watch him didn't need bins, so so nice to see this wonderful bird so close for about five minutes then he caught a vole and flew off :)
Totally totally amazing day once again thanks to my gorgeous boyfriend, for taking me and showing me all these wonderful birds :) :) :)