Monday, 29 February 2016

Great White Egret at Middleton Lakes

Had a lovely Monday Morning at Middleton with the Great White Egret he had been reported on Middleton Hall Lake so we went had a look and there he was a Warwickshire tick for me and a Year tick for us both, it's such a great feeling when it's a local tick I love it :)
It then flew and went into the heronry  at Middleton Lakes, had great views and we walked to the end of the path and you could see it closer and more in the open so we took some photos still a little distant and high up for my camera but I was over the moon to be getting views like this and being able to take photos It's so much fun when you can do both see and photograph a great bird.
On the Saturday we went to Gloucester again for the Penduline Tits we had better views than last time and I managed to get a record shot but still too distant to Photograph but lovely to them again there so pretty :)

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Trittiford update

Had some lovely views of the Goosanders at Trittiford one Male and one Female were quite content sunbathing on the path edge of course on the side you can't get to but nice watching them through bins. I got a blurred distant record shot but still so nice to have them at Trittiford by the end of the week they had gone and all the Goosander's were gone from the Old Mill pond too, I think the water had frozen so they more than likley relocated somewhere else.
Had a long walk round Trittiford and the Dingles lot's of Greenfinch and Bullfinch, Redpoll and Redwing. Also managed to get a few shots of a Wren which was nice because I haven't got many.
Both the Little egrets were present at the Old Mill Pond and one Shoveler going round in circles at Trittiford lol

Sunday, 21 February 2016

First lifer of the Year - Dream weekend :)

We began the weekend by staying local we decided to go to Ladywalk to see if we could see the Bittern again as there was 3 there now, we went to Hide B where people had being getting great views, we sat there for awhile and I was thinking it wasn't going to show, then Dave said Bittern I was like where where lol Dave there in the channel, I got him Didn't even need the bins he was just coming out into the open at the channel from the reeds, this was just like I had dreamt being able to see my fav bird this close and see all the detail on him was amazing and very exciting and bonus I managed to get a record shot, we were lucky he showed for about an hour mainly in the reeds but had great views and watched him catch 2 fish, too be able to watch your dream bird like this and in Warwickshire too is the best feeling :) I feel very lucky and blessed never thought I would have views like this :)

My record shot

Dave got a stunning shot of the Bittern in the reeds with his neck stretched up and his eyes peering such beautiful eyes and stunning neck pattern, love them.

Taken by Dave Hutton

On the Sunday we headed to Gloucester for the Penduline Tits, was a nice journey down there and didn't have a long wait to see them, took me awhile to find them in my bins is so hard as they blend in with the reeds and wind didn't help but I eventually managed to get on one and also had stunning views through a kind gentleman's scope, beautiful little birds and so happy to have seen them as we dipped last year on one, both birds moved over to the other side of the reed bed and they were lower down here but I could see both birds but I never managed to get any photos, Dave struggled too but he managed to get a record shot or that's what he would call it a record shot, I call it a beautiful photo as always lol. 
I'm just over the moon to have seen them and my first lifer of the year and a lovely bird :) 

Taken by Dave Hutton

Friday, 12 February 2016

Goosanders - Old Mill Pond and Trittiford

Some Goosanders turned up at the Old mill pond I was very excited as I had never seen them there before, I was just praying they would still be there for Tuesday when I could get there, I arrived there Tuesday and they were still there, 3 Drakes and 4 Females they were very jumpy and something spooked 2 of the Drakes and they flew off, I managed to get a few record shots, I then went back each day for the rest of the week the total there was 1 Drake and 7 females but they seemed to dwindle down by Friday with only 1 Drake and 2 Females. Some lady called loudly asking what we were doing on the Friday and the remaining Goosanders flew off in Trittiford Direction, so I got in car and went to Trittiford and they were at the far end I was very pleased as it was a Trittiford tick for me but couldn't get any photos there as they were hiding behind the other side and you can't walk round there. The following Monday I went to check if they were still there but they had gone which I had guessed as the water was all frozen, hopefully they will come back :)
Had a really nice week going between the Old Mill pond and Trittiford the Little Egrets were lovely to watch at the Old mill pond sitting in the tree.
Trittiford also had a female Pochard join the Males, and I had great views of Coots fighting was amazing watching them.
I also took a trip to Swanhurst which is just down the road and spent 2 hours with a showy Shoveler the sun was abit annoying coming in and out and then in the wrong direction but enjoyable even though I see Shovelers all the time it is always nice to get close and spend time with them :)