Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Twitch to Bedford

We started the day by going on a twitch to Bedford for the Penduline tit, but the bird never showed but was still an experience for me my first twitch I couldn't believe all the bird watchers there.
We left after a couple of hours and headed back home, we then went to Shustoke still couldn't find the Scaup, but got some nice photos of the Red crested Pochard and a female common Pochard and little grebe and Gadwall also had nice views of the Goosander through bins but photos didn't come out clear.  

This is my last post of 2014 it's been amazing 2014 so many birds and really loved every second of birding must put out a big thank you to my boyfriend Dave Hutton, most of the birds I have seen have been down to him, Love birding with such an amazing boyfriend and an amazing birder /photographer.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Grey Partridge, Corn Bunting

Amazing day at Wishaw last time we went we had just seen the heads of the grey partridge popping up but this time as soon as we drove down the lane we saw grey partridge near the edge of the field such close views they soon troddled away, but then we saw more further down in total we saw 17 grey partridge, great experience also saw corn bunting which was a new bird for me.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Trittiford pond 28th Decemeber

Lovely sunny day at Trittiford was perfect to test out all my settings on my new camera, and use my new bins :)
Only had been there five minutes when I saw a kingfisher and then a great spotted woodpecker sunning himself.
There was also 2 new adult swans chasing the resident swan and cygnets, male Pochards still present and were so close could almost touch them.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Ryder's Haye lake - Great Northern Diver and Whitacre heath and Ladywalk

Went to Ryder's Haye lake again at Clayhanger on Boxing day for the Great Northern Diver wanted to get some photos with my new camera, was showing well again could watch him diving in and of the water all day, very enjoyable to watch and take photos off.

On the 27 th we went to Whitacre Heath was nice having a play with my camera there watching the birds through the hide and saw Marsh tit which was a new bird for me :)

We then went to Ladywalk got some nice photos of the Redwing and one of Fieldfare and distant views of the peregrine Falcon.