Sunday, 30 November 2014

Norfolk adventures

WOW.... that sums up are trip to Norfolk more than wow, Just on the drive there and back we saw, rooks, buzzards, kestrels, pheasants all over.  
 I have never seen so many birds I was looking forward to seeing one oyster catcher instead we saw thousands and thousands it was like being in a fantasy world.
All the birds were equally amazing if I had to pick favorite then Oystercatcher and skylark, the Oystercatchers are so striking with black and white plumage and bright orangy red beak, and the skylark seeing him on the ground so close with Daves telescope showed it in so much detail love the tuft on the head.  
Snettisham had murmations of so many seabirds and looking out all you get see for as far as the eye could see was birds everywhere, Shelduck, lapwings, ystercatchers, golden plover, grey plover, redshank, curlew, black tailed godwit, bar tailed godwit so many more.
The little birds too all you can hear is birds linnet, skylark, meadow pipit, as we were leaving we saw a marsh harrier fly over, love my birds of prey and that was another new one for me.

Titchwell Marsh was also full of birds, Black tailed godwit, Redshank, Turnstone showing well the light wasn't good but still got some nice photos of stunning birds so lucky to have seen so many birds close up.
The sanderling on the beach were so cute and funny they walk so fast. Oystercatchers on the beach too, common scooter and red necked diver in the distant diving in the sea.   

Field full of pink footed geese seen as we were leaving norfolk

Trittiford - November update

November has been beautiful round trittiford and the dingles the autumn colours and the frost at the end of the November made some lovely photos.
The female swan and five cygnets still present the male swan was taken in by swan rescue in September and hasn't been returned yet, will be ringing them again to see what's happening.
   So far there has been 7 pochards all male at trittiford, increase in lesser black backed gulls, and usually a herring gull present, there was a female teal for quite awhile but hasn't been seen for a few weeks now. 10 tufted ducks counted there one day. 
    There has been 2 great spotted woodpeckers and green woodpecker this month also an increase in nuthatches and towards the end of November lot's of blackbirds around. Starlings in the big tree near the road.

Two wagtails as you enter Trittiford. There was a large number of long tailed tits haven't seen them for a couple of weeks, the walkway scrubland scribbers lane end has lot's of goldcrest.
The dingles has a large amount of house sparrows and goldfinches, kingfisher seen and heard regular.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Draycote waters

Lovely morning at Draycote a few new birds for my list thanks to Dave :) Tree sparrows, yellowhammer, Goldeneye, Fieldfare and Mediterranean gull which I was well pleased about because I had missed it when there was one at earlswood a beautiful looking gull very elegant with white wings.
The tree sparrows were stunning too and the yellowhammers much brighter than I thought and the Goldeneye such an eye catching duck.
Other highlights were the Goosanders male and female, Little grebes, Teal and the lapwings on the rocky area showing well not bothered about people walking past such a pretty bird to photograph.