Saturday, 26 March 2016

Summer Migrants 2016

Had a great few days picking up Migrants local we got Sand Martin, Swallow and House Martin all in the one day, the Swallows and House Martin were earlier than last year by about 11 days :) but the Sand Martins were later by about 11 days, Also we got Little Ringed Plover. (26/03/16) then the following day we picked up Wheatear (27/03/16)
On the (31/03/16) we got two more Migrants at Farmoor Res, Oxon, Common Tern and Willow Warbler excellent to get them in March :)

Friday, 25 March 2016

Ring-necked Duck - Chasewater, Staffordshire

Had a lovely day at Chasewater with the Ring-necked Duck my best views, such a beautiful Duck, at first I was struggling to see the difference between Tufted after Dave showing me all the differences it really does stand out and I was able to locate it when with bins :) The Ring-necked Duck has more of a peaked crown and more of a purple sheen and grey flanks with a white crescent and striking white markings on the bill. I managed to get a few record shots and Dave got a lovely photo :)  

Dave's stunning photo

Taken by Dave Hutton 

 My Record Shot's 

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Whooper Swan - Middleton Lakes RSPB

Had a lovely morning started of at Shustoke where we had are first Spring migrant Chiffchaff, we then headed to Middleton Lakes where I picked up some year ticks, Avocet, Dunlin, Redshank and Whooper Swan which was really nice even though distant this was still my best ever views of Whooper, was great views through bins and got a few distant record shots, was a very enjoyable morning :)

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Hoopoe 4th visit - Wall Heath, Kingswinford

We had a lovely morning with the Hoopoe at Wall Heath are 4th visit and last time we went he didn't show for us, so today was extra special as it showed straightaway when we got there a year tick for us both :) and managed to get a few more photos, really is an amazing bird beautiful in every way, it didn't show in the open for that long before disappearing into the long grass we then waited 2 hours and then it was relocated but more distant and hiding in the long grass, but was so happy it showed again as there was a family waiting for him and the man had waited years and years to see one he was over the moon bless him.  :)

Here's one of Dave's amazing photo's you can see more clearly just how beautiful and striking this bird is :)  

Taken By Dave Hutton

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Penduline Tits at Horsbere Reserve, Gloucester

Headed to Gloucester again today our third visit :) After two hours waiting we were losing hope of seeing them but then Dave spotted them fly in they were in the reeds for awhile and I couldn't get any photos of them in there, I was getting frustrated lol when then all of a Sudden both of them flew over us into the roadside trees by the stream, I couldn't believe our luck much closer and brilliant views so nice seeing them close and hearing them sing was amazing, I got some Record shot's and Dave got some stunning shot's :)
They say its always third time lucky that was certainly true in this case i'm over the moon such beautiful little birds :)