Sunday, 29 November 2015

Grey Phalarope at Farmoor Res, Oxon

We headed to Farmoor Res in Oxon for the Grey Phalarope the weather didnt look to good but we thought we would risk it, but we was not expecting the gale force winds that greeted us, it was awful because the bird was in the water the wind was making the waves so stormy looked like you were at sea, but the Grey Phalarope was loving it, such a cute beautiful bird and amazing to be able to watch him for so long, I did really struggle with the winds, I hate the wind and it was just none stop wind, and very hard to get photos which was annoying because the bird was so close, but even though at the time I get annoyed afterwards it's not the photos or the weather I even think about its the bird I think off and being able to watch this bird is amazing and my first Grey Phalarope in winter plumage loved him, really hope he stays so we can go back :) Would be lovely to see him again and with better weather conditions lol
I got a couple of record shots with my camera and also Dave let me have a go with his Canon 1D Mk111 & Canon 300F4is + 1.4 conv was really nice to have a try with a different camera and got a better record shot with Dave's brilliant camera, but I still love my camera its the perfect size for me and It's my little camera :) It was a brilliant day I just need to try and learn to cope better in bad weather and keep motivated I will get there still only been birding properly for just over a year the main thing is i'm loving it all the feeling I get from bird watching is an amazing feeling love every bird :)

My Canon SX50

My Canon SX50

Taken with Dave's Canon 1D Mk111 & Canon 300F4is + 1.4 conv

Trittiford update November and Decemeber

Trittiford has been very quite and with the work going on there you can't walk round the one side of it, but each time iv'e been theres been lots of Cormorants think there enjoying the fish to themselves lol. Also there's been a total of five Male Pochards so far hopefully we will get some more.
The Little Egrets have returned at the Old Mill pond and also for the first time I saw one actually on Trittiford which was nice.

I have not given Trittiford much attention this year but next year i'm going to go regular and keep up with the bird counts as I have my car now so it is easier to check it regular and I still think Trittiford, Old Mill pond, Priory fields and the Dingles is a great patch and i'm determined to find something new there lol :)  

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Hoopoe - Hinksford, Staffordshire

A brilliant day we went to Hinksford in Kingswinford for the Hoopoe I was so excited it's one of the birds I have been dying to see.
When we arrived they said the bird had flown off, I felt gutted was just praying it would come back we waited awhile and Dave said he will give it till eleven, it was five to eleven and the bird flew back in, how lucky was we :) I was over the moon to finally be seeing a Hoopoe what a bird so striking and the color and pattern just extraordinary looking bird so so beautiful and even got to him with his crest up, was a little distant but had great views through scope the smile on my face was so big :)
I got a record shot and took a video too but seems a bit shaky I do seem to have this habit of shaking it was chilly standing there, totally worth being cold for this bird :)

This is one of Dave's amazing photo's :)

Taken by Dave Hutton

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Short-eared Owls and Barn Owl

Amazing weekend we went to Coleshill Gravel pits looking for Short-eared owls and Hen Harrier never saw Hen Harrier but the Short-eared Owls and Barn owl put on a show for us.
We were walking over the gravel pit's when Dave said Short-eared Owl I couldn't see it at first but when I saw it I just thought wow wow :)
We then walked up the bank to get closer views, it showed so well hunting right in front of us at one point it even turned it's head and looked right at us I will never forget that moment those beautiful eyes, then Dave spotted another one, and then another one flew in, couldn't believe this was happening three Short-eared Owls hunting and in Warwickshire too very very special and then a Barn Owl appeared from behind the tree love them even though we've had great views of them in Norfolk nothing beats the feeling of seeing them in warwickshire and with Short-eared owls too couldn't ask for more. :)
We went back on Sunday to try and get some pics waited awhile for them to show but when they did they showed well again, we are so lucky there was 2 Short-eared owls tonight possibly 3 and the Barn Owl showed stunningly, I never managed to get photos they came out blurry the light was bad and I was so cold I was shaking with the camera but Dave got a couple of beautiful shots I do admire his photography it's perfect.
Hopefully I will manage to get a pic if they stay for awhile but just having the experience of watching them is an image that will be in my head forever :)

Taken by Dave Hutton 

Taken by Dave Hutton

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Crag Martin - Chesterfield

We finally caught up with the Crag Martin when it turned up last weekend we were out looking for cars for me so when the news come through that it was still there we were looking forward to the weekend on the Saturday news didn't come through till late morning and we were out looking at more cars, we were praying that it would still be there sunday luckily it was and we were very lucky as it showed straight away such an amazing bird and so worth the wait had lovely views of it flying round the church can't believe how fast it flys, beautiful bird and so pleased we got to see him even got a glimpse of the white marks on his tail. Honour to see this bird :)
Also managed to get me a car, perfect weekend big big thank you to Dave :)